Chicken Fever In Fukuoka

  • Chicken Fever In Fukuoka
  • Released 26 July 2011
  • Provided under a CC BY-SA license


Running the gamut from rebellion to revelry, the seditious melodies and persuasive bass of the Chicken Fever In Fukuoka EP are sure to be unwanted guests at any party.

In today's headlines: leading figures on both sides of the political spectrum express outrage at the views found on Left The Right, the late-seventies synth-pop/electro-disco classic Moskow Diskow is brought into the twenty-first century with Francophone fervour, and class struggle and repressed memories are revised and revisited with “大字报”.

This EP was written and recorded in Adelaide, Australia using a Nintendo Game Boy with LSDJ.


  1. Left The Right
  2. Moskow Diskow
  3. 大字报