• Deuxième
  • Released 25 December 2011
  • Provided under a CC BY-SA license


For the Deuxième EP, oscillating waves and vibrating strings have reluctantly joined forces and formed a united front to resist invasion. It's louder than anything that isn't!

Yoficator sees orthographic ambiguities corrected with chromatic rigour, while China can't say no to the incendiary rhetoric and deceptive rhythms of All Or Nothing (The East Is Red).

This EP was written in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia and recorded in Adelaide using an electro-acoustic ukulele and a Nintendo Game Boy with LSDJ. Thanks to ORA/REM/KRU for select notes on Yoficator (A♯, F♯, and C♯, respectively).


  1. Yoficator
  2. All Or Nothing (The East Is Red)