One Pattern

  • One Pattern
  • Released 19 January 2016
  • Provided under a CC BY-SA license


One Pattern delivers half an hour of hard-hitting chip bass dance music, somewhat minimal in form but thoroughly advanced in sound. The album begins deliberately with Confessor, looping and layering and building momentum to unfold into an electro-disco epic. A relentless bass assault drives and ultimately overtakes the annihilistic Criticality. The expansive closer 烟草、废气、五香粉 marries straightforward dance essentials with deft production, harmonic intricacies, and an arresting microtonal motif.

Written in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia, and Dalian, China, and recorded in Adelaide using a Nintendo Game Boy with LSDJ.


  1. Confessor
  2. Criticality
  3. 烟草、废气、五香粉