• SUPERA~1
  • Released 13 June 2016
  • Provided under a CC BY-SA license


Delivering on every broken promise, SUPERA~1 is an abridged release of the unfinished full-length debut “Superamerica”—suffocatingly dense chipmusic/rock with progressive and noise tendencies.

We begin with the distemporal arpeggiation of Chinagraph presaging the new Peking order. Compass And Straightedge takes up the white man's burden and reaps a new reward. A casual disregard for intellectual property rights allows for a surprisingly reverent cover of a decade-old J-pop classic we're calling 「愛する人はあなただけ」. The plunge into dangerously accessible territory continues with the heart-racing floor-shaking pseudo-disco anthem 「ドキドキ」. Affairs conclude and (re)capitulate with the post-rocketry of von Braun.

Written and recorded in Adelaide, Australia between 2012 and 2014 using an electro-acoustic ukulele and a Nintendo Game Boy with LSDJ.


  1. Chinagraph
  2. Compass And Straightedge
  3. 愛する人はあなただけ (instrumental)
  4. ドキドキ(完璧コンプレックス ver.)
  5. von Braun (instrumental)