• The ortsz–o–matic quiz
  • Released 30 July 2012
  • Third edition 30 October 2014


The ortsz–o–matic quiz has the questions; you have the answers. Unless you don't, in which case the ortsz–o–matic quiz has the answers too. It's cool like that.

The guiding principle of this quiz is to be interesting and informative, not easy, so most of the questions are quite difficult. The topics covered reflect the personal biases of the creator. Every effort has been made to ensure the quiz's accuracy, but there can be no guarantees; comments and corrections are welcome.

For power users: the s parameter can be used to control which number the quiz will begin selecting questions from, in order to filter out older questions that you have already seen. For instance, s=479 will limit the selection to questions new to the latest edition of the quiz.